Changing of the bums

When Lilah turned two she got her first real doll. She named her Dolly.

She also became obsessed with changing bums. So, for Christmas, I wanted to make her a changing kit with mat, diapers and wipes. That way, she could stop wasting the real wipes and Dolly would have some sweet diapers of her own. Up until that point she was being put into newborn cloth diaper covers, but they were huge on her, and I was expecting Vaughn in March so I was gonna need those diapers sooner than later. 

I perused Pinterest for tutorials and there are plenty, but this one was my favourite. Her instructions were so easy to follow for a newbie sewist like me and I was able to eek this out the week before Christmas with only minor swearing. 

Obviously, I'm still lacking in the skill department (ahem, the stitching on the velcro…), but I was still really happy with how these turned out. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to put velcro across the front of the diaper so the tabs would be more adjustable in case Lilah wanted to change someone else's bum like zebra or bun-bun.

I made 3 diapers, 2 wipes and 1 changing pad. the wipes are just white felt cut into a rectangle, and I sewed a large rectangle for the change pad and just added velcro to keep it closed.

She also has a tutorial for a dress and bib. I never got around to making the bib, and my dress ended up more like a shirt, but I digress.

I was so excited for Lilah to open this on Christmas morning. She immediately grabbed Dolly and gave her a quick bum change. I couldn't have been happier. Over a year later she still plays with these on an almost daily basis. Such a cute, easy sew. 

Upcycled Treasures

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