but, of course


Wad up, Peeps. Recently, I said I would tackle a small but manageable project/day to get me semi-organized before I head back to the rat race. (in T minus 2 weeks, in case anyone else is keeping track). Well, surprise, surprise, it's actually kinda working. 
On Friday, I thought I'd attempt an extreme-Walmart-flyer-price-match style grocery run, but at the last minute Vaughn decided it was time for bed. So, I sent Ryan and Lilah on the mission without me. Four hours later (???, I'm still not sure what happened, either), they came home with double the amount of groceries we normally buy for roughly the same (maybe even less) than we usually spend! Woot! Ryan said he was "NEVER" going to do this again, but I'm confident that he somehow overcomplicated it. So, I'm going to try it again this week. 

Anyhoot, while they were gone. I put on Gossip Girl and cleaned out the fridge and freezer (to make room for all the groceries I was about to cram in there!) One thing I did that made a huge difference was to empty everything into freezer bags, and then stack them.

I condensed a bunch of bags that I had opened, and took things out of boxes (like frozen fish, chicken nuggets,etc) and I just wrote the cooking instructions on the label. 

I also emptied out all my bags of frozen veggies (again, I had multiple open bags…Why, I ask you, why?)

I cannot believe I never thought of this before! It's bananas how much space it saves and now I don't have open bags of stuff all over the place. Everything is sealed and organized! 

I feel like this could be one of those things that everyone but me already does, but I don't even care, I'm sharing just in case. It's life changing.

Have you ever organized something and thought "But of course!" and realized you've been missing out on mad organizational potential this whole time!