Glory Days

Vaughn's nursery was the closest I ever came to having a finished room in this house, and I use that term loosely. It really is a problem. I, of course, could not leave well enough alone and this room is no longer around, although it would have made a very nice nursery for Jonas *sigh. The big kids shared a room while my Dad was visiting and they LOVED it. So I turned this room into their play room. Most of the stuff in here has since migrated to our room(weird, I know.) This room is now the big kids shared room and the baby is in the big room. There is logic in this. It's easier to move out the baby into our room, and put an air mattress in the big room when we have out of town guests, than it is to relocate two big kids. Eventually I'm sure there will be more shifting of rooms as I can never leave well enough alone. I digress, here is the room in all it's glory/non-glory.

I had no plan for this room at all, but I love how it came together.

The dresser was Ryan's when he was a young whippersnapper. His mom painstakingly refinished it for him, so it has a lot of sentimental value. I will NEVER, EVER be allowed to paint it, in case anybody is wondering. The painting above it is one I did when I was 8. I think I copied a Christmas card or some thing. The frame is IKEA. The curtains are from Winners.  The cacti are leftover from Lilah's Third fiesta.

This Expedite used to live in the living room, but we bought some Billy's to replace it. Everybody and there dog uses it as a change table, so of course we did too. The baskets are filled with baby essentials and toys. The rocking chair we bought at a yard sale for Lilah's nursery. I was planning to paint it, but never got around to it. I think the "rustic" finish worked ok in here. The footstool is from Value Village. The Gallery wall is made up of an IKEA poster, leftover birthday party decor, a painting by Ry that I think was supposed to be a gift for someone but I loved it too much so I kept it #sorrynotsorry, another LeBlanc original, and items from our own nurseries.

I painted this small wall with chalkboard paint. I really just liked the contrast. It rarely gets chalked on. And on the beautiful command hooks leftover from the last tenant, we have Vaughn's first pair of lederhosen sent to us from Ryan's cousin in Germany. 

Fun fact: Ryan had a pair when he was a boy and wore them almost everyday. You know, to ride his bike and stuff. #itdoesntgetcoolerthanthat.


These two prints were also Ryan's growing up. The mobile is from Walmart. Lilah never had a mobile, and that makes me feel like she missed out. Thankfully, she's never brought it up. I don't think she's harbouring any resentment, but mom guilt runs deep.

My old rocking horse. Yee-haw!

I think the reason why Ry and I loved this room so much is because it was filled with so many sentimental items. I'm not really one for sentimental stuff, but it really did make the room feel special and more us. I'm hoping I can create that feeling in the rest of our house, too.

Ryan's step-dad came by last week to help us set up a plan for the basement playroom, and we got started on it yesterday, so hopefully we will see some progress down there soon.

later gators.