Under Pressure

After the kids go to bed at night and I settle in to watch my stories (on Netflix, currently "The Good Wife"), crack a beer and mindlessly peruse Pinterest, I somehow forget what my life is really like. Maybe it's lack of sleep, Pinterest induced delusions, or the beer, but I always end up making grandiose plans that would never, ever happen in real life. Then, I get down on myself when those ridiculously overzealous plans don't work out. 

For example, This past weekend was Valentine's Day #shedontsay. I've been pinning fab ideas since New Year's, and this year was going to be SO MUCH FUN because Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday! I'd get up super early and set up a Valentine's day feast while everyone else was still sleeping. They would all get handmade, sentimental gifts that prove how much I love them and we would have the most wonderful, family fun-filled day there ever was!

Um...that didn't happen. I was purchasing gifts from Walmart on
Valentine's day, all of my heart day decor was packed away, due to the basement reno, and the last time I was the first one up was... never. 

If you think this is the first time I've gone through this planning slash disappointment cycle you are beyond mistaken. I do it every single holiday, birthday, and sometimes just for fun. I usually just scrap all plans, feel like a failure, and vow to do better next time. 

But this weekend I decided that just because it's not perfect or exactly what I had envisioned doesn't mean that it's not worth doing. (kinda like this ol' bloggy-poo). 

On Monday, just after Lunch, I brought down my Walmart prezzies. Parked them in front of the beautiful roses Ryan gave me for actual Valentine's Day, and did a whole "hmmm, what's this guys" and it was super fun! 

I wasn't up at the crack of dawn. There was no freshly made breakfast. The gifts were from Walmart. Definitely not what I had planned.   

Just some heartfelt words, sour jubes and chocolate hearts, and a new activity each for the kiddos.

We spent the rest of the afternoon colouring together. 

I felt a little (lot?) like the Grinch on Christmas morning watching the Who's down in Whoville having fun without roast beast.

The pressure we put on ourselves to do things perfectly is so self- inflicted. I'm beyond certain that I will never be "laid-back" or one to say "who cares" because it's me. I'm the one who cares, but my family, and I'm sure yours, doesn't. They think you are the greatest, and have no idea that this isn't the big plan. 

I'm sure they would have been happy colouring in our old colouring books with broken crayons. (Egad! The horror!) So, although I feel the need to do all the things to make things special, I'm realizing that it doesn't take much and it's definitely worth doing something vs. nothing. 
I hope all you folks had a great Valentine's day, too!

Later Gators,