Lilah's Four-zen Fourth Birthday Party

Welcome to Arendelle, aka, the community centre. In case you are unawares, I have decided to subject you to the parties of my past, all of which I've thrown at this hot spot, in preparation for Vaughn's third birthday, which will be held at guessed it, community centre! Get pumped people.

I jazzed up this picture in Picmonkey (like I do all my invites) for Lilah's Four-zen party. See what I did there? I got the idea from Emily at Second Story Window

There was absolutely no question in Lilah's mind what kind of party she wanted. She, like everyone else in 2014, was obsessed with Frozen, and I mean, really, for good reason. It is one of my favourites, too. However, I've never been a fan of character d├ęcor. Someday I might get over that, but at the time I was going for a frozen theme without using the character images, and truth be told there wasn't much to be found at the time, now it's EVERYWHERE!

There was an ice cream slash hot chocolate bar. I scribbled this frozen quote on the chalkboard just as the party was about to start.#lastminutebridget. I accidentally bought HUGE tubs of "ice milk", didn't know that was even a thing. It's not good. Thankfully, we had tons of toppings and hot chocolate to melt it with. (Have I ever mentioned that party food is not my forte? It's not.) 

These photos are pre-food set up, but you get the idea!

Anna, Elsa and Sven crowns/tables are from IKEA. I hung a snowflake on the back of each chair with grey feather yarn. I thought it kind of looked like icicles.

Party activities included, but were not limited to, drawing on the kraft paper wall, throwing indoor snowballs, building an Olaf, and covering yourself from head-to-toe in homemade play snow.

At the end of the party, each kid got to take home a small mason jar of glitter GAK. I covered the mason jar lid with the same paper as the hanging paper doilies to pretty it up. Since we were also Frozen for Halloween we let Lilah and Vaughn wear their costumes to the party. Super fun! 

I realized that the key to being able to get all the decorations
done without losing my mind is to book the space for two days. That way, I can set up the day before and I'm not rushing the day of the party. I did it again for Vaughn's upcoming birthday, hopefully, we can get everything ready in time!

More frozen party pinspiration here.

I got one more party coming at you next week, before Vaughn's third birthday! And then a much needed kid party break until August!

Later Gators,