Robin in the Rain

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Spring has officially sprung.

This weekend listening to me talk about the weather forecast prompted more than one person to reference this Rick Mercer skit.

Well, I'm here to tell you, it's no even hit double digits today! Now the crap part is, all that snow has got to melt, so all the paths and streets and sidewalks are basically mini rivers. On Tuesday, I was out for a much needed walk with the boys. Trudging along, pushing my double stroller with as much gusto as I could muster through the icy puddles, feeling the sun on my face and the warm breeze in my hair. Loving the heck out of life. I must have looked hell-a crazy because a woman felt the need to holler over from her precarious perch on the snow bank "Look at you go in them boots!". It was odd, but nothing was gonna bring me down. I waved high and mighty to my adoring audience and shouted "You need to get some" and as I kept on trucking, I thought "She knew I meant rain boots, right?". 

The same day Ryan came home from work with soaking wet feet. He's a delivery driver, so he's braving the elements, and the sidewalk rivers, all day long. As I was looking for some manly waterproof boots for him, I realized there are so many fun rain boots out there for the likes of me, and lucky ducks, I'm going to share my favourites with you now. 

Get your soggy socks ready for my rain boot round up (say that five times fast!)

  Globo Kamik Terbana High-shaft rubber rain boot in Khaki / Joe Fresh mid-rise   rain boot in black/Ardene faux-leather duck boot in black/Mark's Wind River rubber boots in bright yellow (already Sold Out-boo!)/Hunter original tall rain boot in black

The Bay Keds lace-up rain boot in navy/Mark's WindRiver low-cut floral rain bootie/Yellow shoes Janik by Chelsee Girl Polka dot rain boot in navy blue/Yellow shoes Tree Puddle Tall by Chelsee Girl in Navy (WARNING-these are fur-lined. For chilly days only!)/Mark's WindRiver Oakridge glencheck lace-up rubber boots

I can't even handle all the goodness.

Um, and I guess I should also show you what I found for Ryan. Now, the first thing I did was Pin-search "rain boots for men", and I've got to tell you it seems that unless you are a farmer or John Mayer, than you are not wearing rain boots. Poor men and their wet feet. I narrowed it down to these picks, and really I love them all, but I don't think puddle jumping is in the cards as none of them cover more than the ankle. #suckstobeaman#fashionfirst#gottalookcool

The Bay Hunter Chelsea rain boot/AEO Duck Boot/AEO Hunter Original Lace-up boots(these only ship to the US-Oops!check out Hunters for more options)/The Bay Sperry Fowl weather rubber boots/Mark's WindRiver Portage low-cut rubber boot

I bought my puddle trudgers a few years ago at Target and they are still rocking it, but with all the walking I do whilst at home with the little rascals, I'm going to get myself these and these, too! Happy puddle jumping!

Later Gators,  

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