Spring 2016 Capsule Wardrobe for Boys

As promised here is a look at Vaughn's capsule wardrobe for Spring 2016. I often hear people complain that there is not as much selection for boys, and it's true, there's not. Things don't change as much from season to season, or year to year, but it also means that hand me downs can last a long time without going out of style, which is a bit of a bonus for boring-er options, I suppose. The key to making boys outfits fun, and not so boring, is to mix up patterns and use layers. I love stripes, plaid and camo (obviously!)  

Row 1: Graphic tee / Striped polo / Short-sleeve plaid / Chambray windbreaker
Row 2: Graphic tee / Short-sleeve plaid / Popover hoody
Row 3: Striped V-neck / Polo / Short-sleeve checkStriped pull-over sweater
Row 4: Graphic tee / Polo / Long-sleeve plaid / Striped zip-up

Row 1: Flat front shorts / Pull-on shorts / Flat front shorts
Row 2: Pull-on fleece shorts (similar) / Flat front shorts / Flat front shorts
Row 3: 2-pack athletic pants / Casual jogger (similar)/ Twill pants
Row 1: Sunglasses / Trucker hat (no longer available / Bucket hat
Row 2: Perforated slip-ons / Navy slip-ons / Velcro sneakers

For tips on how I put together a capsule wardrobe for kids, check out my post about it here, along with my picks for girls

And last, but certainly not least, Jonas. He is living in the lap of hand me down luxury, but I can't resist adding a few pieces to his wardrobe for Spring. I would definitely keep any baby buys on the smaller side as they tend to grow oh so fast, and can easily grow out of clothing before they've had a chance to wear it! Buying a capsule wardrobe like this makes the most of the months weeks that you will need it to, before your peach outgrows it all...overnight.

Row 1: Short-sleeve onesies / Graphic onesie / Graphic onesie
Row 2: Graphic tee / Denim shirt / Plaid shirt
Row 3: Striped polo / Striped hoody / Striped hoody

Row 1: Flat front shorts / Pull-on shorts / Pull-on chambray pants
Row 2: Pull-on joggers / Utility coat / Cap
Row 3: Slip-on shoes / Sneakers / Sneakers 

I'm loving these outfit collages. I think I'm going to print them out for quick reference on busy mornings when I don't have the time, or more likely the energy, to come up with fun outfits. I'm sure it'd help Ryan out a tad bit, too!

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