Swimwear Capsule Wardrobe for Kids


As you guys know, I'm a huge fan of capsule wardrobes for kids

They make getting ready way less stressful, and although it's not high on every one's priority list, it makes me feel less like a hot mess when my kids appear pulled together. So, I'm willing to put in the time. (to each there own, amiright?)

Also, I find it super fun. So there is that ;)

A swimwear capsule wardrobe might seem overboard, but unless you only hit the pool, beach or backyard with the hose once in awhile, you'll need to have options for when you lose, forget, or haven't done the laundry in a few days weeks.

We love to hit up the local pool, splash pad, or kiddie pool in the backyard pretty much any time the weather permits so I need to have a good rotation of suits.

Here are my picks for this year.


 Row 1. hat/sunglasses/rashguard suit/flip flops
Row 2. hat/ swim cover up/one-piece suit/flip flops
Row 3. hat/sunglasses/short-sleeved rashguard suit/flip flops
Row 4. hat/sunglasses/two-piece suit/jelly sandals

I like long-sleeved rashguards for spending a full day at the beach, but if we are just in the backyard under the shade of the umbrella, it's nice to be in just a suit to keep cool. I also like the kids to wear hats because they are so fair, and they're really into wearing sunglasses these days which is so cute and it keeps their peepers safe from the harsh rays of the sun. #winning.

You can wear both rashguards with all three bottoms, or even the solid bottoms with the patterned top. All the hats, flip flops, and sunglasses go with each of the suits, as well! 

Row 1. hat/short-sleeved rash guard/swim trunks
Row 2. sunglasses/long-sleeved rash guard/swim trunks(sold out,boo!)
Row 3. short-sleeved rash guard/swim trunks/perforated shoes

Vaughn is not having it with flip flops, but these perforated shoes are great for playing in the water or sand, and bonus, they are super easy to clean. Again, all the suits can be mixed and matched.


Row 1. hat/rash guard set/flip flops
Row 2. short-sleeved rash guard/swim trunks/flip flops
Row 3. short-sleeved rash guard/swim trunks/flip flops

Jonas is unable to voice his displeasure over flip flops, and they make a great distraction/teething toy, so #alltheflipflops for him.

Time to hit the beach! 

Later Gators,

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