Entry way refresh

If you've ever used Polyvore Clipper than you may know (or maybe you don't, and here is my PSA) that it shares to Blogger. Which means it directly posts to your blog...Um, wtf Polyvore. Anyway you can unclick the box and live your life, which I did, but not before posting a lovely sample of some contact paper to the blog (see last post) *facepalm.

If I had seen it right away I would have just deleted it, but I didn't realize until this morning and some peeps have already viewed it so I'm turning it into a cautionary tale, and don't worry, you will soon see why I was clipping contact paper in due time. For now here is a look at my plans for our entry way.

entry way plans by five jones road

   light/mirror/shoe cabinet/rug

Entry way may be a bit misleading as the front door is actually down the stairs but our shoe cabinet and coat closet are on this landing.
It's a bit confusing to describe so here is a photo of the layout.

I think I've learned my lesson and I'm actually going to test some paint samples before committing to a colour. I really want to go with a true black. The plan is to paint just the wall with the shoe cabinet on it and the little wall by the closet. Maybe one of these might work. I guess we'll see.

So, here is the plan:

1. remove track from above doorway into the kitchen
2. paint wall
3. hang mirror
4. get rug
5. sand hand rails and paint ( I think white. I don't know, any suggestions?)

I'm hoping to get the paint samples this weekend so stay tuned. I may need help choosing a colour!

Later Gators,