Mad for Plaid

Lately, we've been working on upping the ante on the dress code at work and I've been putting together some outfit inspirations using key pieces from our newest collections mixed with basics to inspire our staff to be more creative when putting together their outfits. And, honestly, to inspire myself, too. I love these outfits so much that I figured you guys might get a kick out of them. 

*disclaimer: in case you've never picked up on what I'm putting down, I currently work for Joe Fresh although they have absolutely nada to do with this blog or how much I love the clothes. I am not an affiliate and receive no compensation for talking about the product I'm just trying to keep it real with what I'm wearing, and by proxy, that means stuff (and lots of it) from my store.

The basic pieces are all classics that you probably already have sitting in your closet (and if not, it's time to stock up!). Just add your favorite version of a plaid shirt, skirt or dress, you know, in case you don't exclusively shop at Joe Fresh. #althoughyoushould #imightbebiased

1. plaid shirt/ turtleneck tunic/ leggings/ over-the-knee boots
2. plaid shirt/ white tee/ moto jeans/ heeled booties
3. plaid shirt/ flare skirt/ gold trimmed flats
4. plaid shirt/ split hem sweater/ slim fit jeans/ flats similar

1. boyfriend blazer/  button down shirt/ plaid skirt/ flats similar
2. turtleneck tunic/ plaid skirt/ basic tights/ riding boots
3. ottoman sweater/ striped top/ plaid skirt/ over-the-knee boots
4. white tee/ plaid skirt/ scarf/ quilted sneaker

1. plaid shirt dress/ turtleneck tunic/ skinny jeans/ flats similar
2. merino turtleneck/ plaid shirt dress/ basic tights/ riding boots
3. plaid shirt dress/ basic leggings/ heeled booties
4. white tee/ plaid shirt dress/ moto jeans/ flat ankle boots