WIWW + Halloween Update

When I wrote this post on the topic of Halloween we were planning our Pee Wee's Playhouse costumes. #Halloweenfail #maybenextyear. Many factors lead to the demise of that theme including me being away for the better part of the week for work, lack of toddler sized slim grey suits, and an inability to agree on which five characters we should be (there are so many options to choose from!). So on Sunday, (Yup, the day before Halloween) We booked it to PartyCity and found the strong man shirt, the Women's Ringmaster Accessory kit #poorvaughn, a beard, a mustache, black balloons and face paint. Mix in the cowardly lion costume from last year, add a few pom poms to a sweater and voila...the Muhl Family Circus.

Circus Freak show family Halloween costume.

All week Vaughn was talking about how he was going to be a police officer for Halloween and I was starting to feel mom guilt about making him be our ring leader (and a sexy one at that), but Halloween night he rocked it and was the star of the show. #Ibetterstartsavingfortherapynow

I've also been wearing clothes. These are not the most exciting outfits, but in keeping with the true spirit of WIWW I feel like I need to post them anyway. If I want better pictures I have to wear better outfits...which I think is the whole point of why/how WIWW was created. So with my head hung in shame here is what I've been wearing. 

turtleneck + boots
turtleneck / tank(old) / jeans(old) / boots(old)

blouse + leopard flats
top / jeans(old) / flats

ponte dress
dress / tights / boots(old)

Later Gators,

pleated poppy