Holla, 2017.

Being Santa took a lot out of me this year. I never felt like I could get a handle on anything and the mom guilt...it ran deep. 

Examples: We missed our usual Christmas Parade, didn't drive around to check out the lights, didn't make it through our book advent (which I put together three days late), didn't go to our usual Christmas tree farm to get our tree and instead bought one from the Canadian Tire parking lot (for shame), squeaked in our Santa visit by the skin of our teeth ON Christmas Eve, the list, she goes on.  I don't know if it was work (super busy), three Christmas' to make magical (basically impossible), or a heart two sizes too small, but I am SO done (and if you know me you know this is nada like me...we have been known to leave Christmas decorations up until February *insert hide face in shame emoji.) Thankfully, I don't think the kids are going to hold it against me.

*Note: Santa's expression says it all...

So, today you will find me packing up all. the. things. purging, cleaning, organizing. Shedding the skin of 2016, and heading into the New Year all sleek and on fleek. (Is that what the youngins are saying?) you know, getting ready for a brand new year. 

So, whether your Holidays were on point, or not, (someone pry the urban dictionary away from my old, uncool hands) I think we can all agree that the backside of 2016 is a wonderful sight. 2017 I have high hopes for you. 

Let's get this show on the road.