So, Erm..this was my bathroom. 

Let's go over the offensive-ness. (Although, it's fairly obvious!)

1. The boxed in florescent light.
2. The Chipped builder grade mirror. 
3. The GREEN MARBLE counter top. (WHY?!?!?!?!?!)
4. The grody shower curtain rod. 
5. The falling off vent.
6. The missing toilet screw cover.
7. You can't really tell from this picture, but the tub is super shallow ( I guess "standard" but I mean COME ON!)
8. I was not helping matters with those god awful IKEA shelves, the paint colour, and the mess! #fail

Right around the time that I was planning our move into the dream home. We got the news that the co-op wanted to update our bathroom. At the time, I was like "who cares? We will be living it up at the dream home sooner than later. Take your bathroom reno and shove it". 

Thankfully, Ryan is not as fanciful as I, and was able to keep his head level enough to make sure he agreed to the reno, and scheduled the contractor, and added bonus, researched some bathtubs  and found us one that was on sale until the same day as the dream home draw. 

Sope, we watched the live presentation of my dreams crashing/burning and then promptly went weeping (me, not Ry) to Lowe's to pick up this sweet tub which we begged them to use instead of the standard tub (read: not suitable for adult bathing unless you like the majority of your body OUT of the water...), and thankfully they agreed! #win.

It's a very simple 19" tub and we opted to go with no arm rests (I was thinking more room for child bathing), but I do miss them when reading in the tub. #beggars=choosers. It also has a very slim side so there is NO space to put bottles, etc. if that's your thing. (And something I did not really consider at the time.)

For the rest of the bathroom we had very limited choices to pick from for the tile, flooring and counter top and none were anywhere near what I would have picked if I had free rein, but I think we ended up with the best of the worst, and we convinced them to change the counter top in the powder room too in order to "maintain consistency". So, marble green counter tops... buh-byeee!

I am already SO much happier with the bathrooms, which were a huge bane of my existence, and I am now jazzed to FINISH them up. 

Here is what is on the agenda for the main bath. 

1. replace the mirror. It's a bit too small. The kids can only see the tops of their heads :/ . I'm leaning towards this one from STRUCTUBE. I also HATE the triple mirror situation we have going on but the medicine cabinet is a board call, (I had asked that it just be removed, but was denied!) and Ryan tells me he can't live his life without his magnifying mirror, so I'm still thinking that one through. 

2. Replace the light fixture. It's a bit dated and I bought one for the powder room that I really like from Home Depot (although I can't seem to find it on the website) I might just go the easy route and use it up here too. 

3. Paint the vanity. For some reason the vanities are custom size, and since theoretically they are still in fine condition, they left them, but they need some love...I'm hoping paint and new hardware will make them less of an eyesore. 

4. Change the almond outlet. We already have this ready and waiting. 

5. Change the door knob. Ditto on this. I have these oil-rubbed bronze ones for all the doors upstairs and the powder room. 

6. We shrunk our shower curtain in the wash, which was just a white waffle curtain from Target. We will need a new one, but for now we are just using the one that came with the shower rod.

So, here's what I'm thinking 'bout.

Bathroom update plans! I cannot wait to see this room come together!

vanity light/planter/shelf/shower curtain/bathroom mat/
faucet/mirror/towel holder/print

But, even with NOTHING in there yet it looks waaaaaay better than it did AND being able to actually soak in the tub has literally changed. my. life. 

Bathroom update plans! I cannot wait to see this room come together!

Since part of "project get it together" is about finishing up spaces in our house I'm really hoping I can stay committed to getting this done. With this being one of the smaller rooms (smallest?) I'm hoping that it will give me the push I need to continue on with the rest of the house! The struggle, she is real. Wish me luck!

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